Butter Elbow Animation Festival

Both the 2nd and 3rd Posters are designed and made by artist, Sean Hernandez


Animators and filmmakers work so hard at their light tables, computers, camera stands night and day, day and night, until finally their elbows melt into sweet, golden butter….

The first Butter Elbow Animation Festival (B.E.A.F.) was held in 2010 at the Op Shop 2 in Hyde Park on the south side of Chicago. The idea for B.E.A.F. was born after the production of an on-site, stop-motion animation by the Mobile Animation Station (M.A.S.), made up of 4 local Chicago animators: Vicky Yen, Wei-Lun Lin, Samantha Lotti, and Kiel Darling. While brainstorming in the space – a former Hollywood Video store – a member of the group started drawing on a newly painted chalk wall with their elbow. Within a couple of minutes all the group members had rolled up their sleeves and were holding their elbows up against the black wall, doodling. As Laura Shaeffer, the founder of the Op Shop drew a monkey on the wall, a photo was taken, and the picture became the poster for the first animation screening, and that was how the B.E.A.F. was born.

The 2nd B.E.A.F., unlike the first, is a whole day of events including an animation workshop and three animation screenings distributed between 10 am and 9 pm on May 12th, 2012. The Op Shop, now called the Southside Hub of Production (SHOP), has relocated to the Fenn House at 57th and Woodlawn. For more information please visit: Southsidehub.org.

The 3rd B.E.A.F was held on November 8th, 2014, again, hosted by Laura Shaeffer from the Southside Hub of Production and Connie Spreen from the Experimental Station, with films from artists around the world, co-ordinated with Vicky Yen, who was teaching art classes in Taipei at the time! The 3rd festival wouldn’t happened without the helps from Chicagoans and Hydeparkers! Thank you, Samantha Lotti, Tiffany Lin (襄廷),Jacob Schultz, Will Steinberg, and all the wonderful people!

The 4th B.E.A.F. is scheduled in November, 2017. Coming Soon!


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