關於圓圓圈工作站/ About Stubborn Stone Station


Founded in Chicago 2011, currently relocated in Taipei, Taiwan, a collaborative space supporting artists to work and explore in the field of film, animation, fashion, design, theater, Education…etc.


Stubborn Stone Station’s mission is to provide space for creators to work in and share ideas, also we support artists in different kinds of ways including art exchange, art collecting, running exhibitions and events,…etc.

創始者與支持者/Founder and Supporters of Stubborn Stone Station:

Vicky Yen, Samantha Lotti, Fang Ray

曾經與現任合作夥伴/Past and Current Collaborators:

Musician/ Composer 音樂創作者 Wes Alexander

Artist/Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist 藝術家/治療師 Samantha Lotti

Artist/Curator 藝術家/策展人 Laura Shaeffer of Southside Hub of Production, Op Shop

Video Artists/Fashion Studio/Exhibition Space 影像/時尚工作者 Wowbravo&FunkyRap


Visual Artist /Shawna Yang   shawnafly.weebly.com

Artist/ Performer Johanna Huang

Compound Yellow   compoundyellow.com












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