My Stomach is like a Whale

Have you heard a whale singing?

It sounds like


Uuuuuurrr^   _______Yeuuuuuuu﹏


Yesterday I heard it from my stomach while I was having a Craniosacral Therapy. (what is this? :

Stubborn Stone could be a craniosacral healer; it is not trying to overtake your thoughts, your creative mind, your unique characteristic, it is here to give you a little subtle touch of settlement, and you can work it out on your own strength.

Everyone has their own ways of healing themselves, like everyone has their own creative mind, but perhaps that strength within you was hijacked by other systems and didn’t want to show its ability.

Why not try taking a little time, make yourself comfortable and relax, if you don’t hear a bell ringing, perhaps you can at least hear some whale singing!

Sincerely Yours,

Stubborn Stone Productions

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