Stubborn Stone Productions in Taipei!

Dear All,

Stubborn Stone Productions have taken a nice summer vacation traveling from Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Siena, Grosseto. Now we have finally settled down in in our new site: Taipei, Taiwan.

Right at this moment, our studio is continuing on the animation project, Grandma, Toilet, and Fish (working title) with the Chicago based musician, Wes Alexander. Also, accompanied by the arrival of Fall and waving goodbye to our wonderful summer 2012, our artist in residence is branching out to more projects collaborating with artists around the world.

At the same time, we are anticipating our 3rd biannual Butter Elbow Animation Festival in 2014; this time we might be holding our shows in both Chicago and New York!  (Lets all cross our fingers and hope this will happen! )

Wish everyone had a wonderful summer 2012. Lets all look forward to a beautiful Fall 2012~


Stubborn Stone Productions

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