The Dao of Yi Dong, Yi Jin/ One act of movement, one act of stillness

While I was trying to make a fly get out of our dining room,
I realized a Dao-Li:

The Dao of Yi Don, Yi Jin/ one act of movement, one act of stillness. The way I enjoy my relationships with friends, family, and perhaps lovers.

The fun of me dancing around, waving a tiny little envelope, trying and not really trying to get that fly out of our bread, donuts, Chinese medicine on the table, while my mom staring at me in confusion saying what the heck are you doing?

then she joined me waving my dad’s shirt in the air, not even knowing whether if the fly was still around….

I guess sometimes that is the way how a lot of things work. Setting up an exhibition, choreograph a dance piece, editing a film….etc. Once again, I understand they are about making balance, about finding things within, about a reflection of a reflection.

May Stubborn Stone be the stone that has the grace of stillness, and the characteristic of active madness.


Stubborn Stone Productions

La Mirada, California

May 30th, 2012

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