B.E.A.F. Program Schedule! Fresh, new, and Hot! Save the Date!

Designed by Susan Sarandon

2nd Butter Elbow Animation Festival
is coming!

May 12th, Saturday 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

@ Southside Hub of Productions (SHOP), Hyde Park, Chicago

5638 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60615

After Party from 7:00 pm – 9:00pm, with our special guest musicians: The Pork Chop Express! (http://www.theporkchopexpress.com/)

Admissions are free with suggested donations to the SHoP based on your level of enjoyment!

Program 1   2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Opening Film: The Jennings Account by Sean Buckelew  2012
The Pillow’s Green by Jenna Caravello 2011
Le Fobie del Guardrail (Phobias of Guard Rail) by Marco Capellacci 2012
Ballerina Man by Danielle Albert 2011
Tea by Lihan Zhang 2012
the 8th of April by Maggie Gallagher 2011
Day of the Dead by Evelin Garza Luna 2011
Half by Jason Ho 2005
Between 12:00 by Jerry Huang 2011
Cetus, Prt. 1 by Ryan W. Bock 2012

Program 2   3:30 pm –  4:30 pm

Departure by Lantian Xie 2010
The Stony Light Break by Emilie Crewe 2012
Long Vocation by Vicky Yen 2011
The Stamp by Zoy Chen 2011
It’s Hard to Wreck a Nice Beach/ It’s Hard to Recognize Speech by Adebukola Bodunrin 2007
Ganada by Tatsu Aoki 2012
Even Gray Feels Blue by Negin Sharifzadeh 2012
Noise Meets Moving Image by Daehyuk Yun 2011
Unwearable Functional Garment III by Heejoo Gwen Kim 2012
Animae Nocte by Nicholas Tuinstra 2012
Squid City by William Bacarella 2012

Program 3   6:00 pm –  7:00 pm

Put It On by Joseph E. Merideth 2012
Henrick by Yoonah Nam 2011
The Collagist by Amy Lockhart 2009
Sudden Cycles # 5, # 13. # 15 by Matt Marsden    2005, 2010, 2012
Topo Glassato al Cioccolato(Frosted Chocolate Mouse) by Donato Sansone aka Milkyeyes   2011
Predator!!!  by Jilli Rose  2012
Emergence by Pablo Lorenzana 2012
Closing Film: Howlin Creek  by Simon Allen & Sean Hernandez 2012

–  With an animated cycle piece, Untitled by Angela Bryant and Young Cho installed at the SHOP.

Special thanks to our guest artist, Susan Sarandon who designed and screen printed our poster!
please visit http://artbysusansarandon.wordpress.com/ for more information of Susan Sarandon’s art work!

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2 Responses to B.E.A.F. Program Schedule! Fresh, new, and Hot! Save the Date!

  1. Had it not been for the fortitude and magnificence of Stubborn Stone Productions, we would not have access to view these amazing works. We were humbled and honored to be there. Thanks for letting us participate and play a few songs. See you next time!

    -Wes & Reinhardt
    The Pork Chop Express

    • vicky says:

      Dear Wes & Reinhardt,

      It was such an honor working with both of you as well.
      Great Master of Ceremony job indeed. See you soon!

      Stubborn Stone Productions

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