Growing Tree

One should be growing from roots to steady trunk

Then you can spread the strength into branches and reach out wide

Later the flowers grow, fall, and fly where the wind takes them

Someone said one should stay true and be who you are

But this who you are can be a multiple different “self”

Although one can be multiple different “self”

The importance of hold on to one at a time and grow steadily from the root

Can determine how wide the branches are going to reach out to the sky

and how far the little flowers going to travel in the wind

Someone says “Be who you are.” Someone says “Be who you want to be.”

I say these ideas are like roots and branches of a tree

They all are feeding the body with nutrition

One side from within

One side from the world out there

Which one is which? Don’t roots and branches look alike?

Overall, they are all from this tree. This healthy, steady tree.



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