BEAF 2017 Programs pdf.

Free Download:

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 上午11.53.38 Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 上午11.54.31 Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 上午11.54.35

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2017 Butter Elbow Animation Festival 10/21, 10/22 @Compound Yellow

10/21, 22, Oak Park, Chicago @ Compound Yellow 6:00-9:30 pm

244 Lake St. Oak Park, IL

11/24, 25, 天母,台北 @ WowBravo&FunkyRap 6:00-9:30 pm

Programs pdf:

2017 BEAF Official Selections:

-Name of Film Filmmaker
All Kids Go to Hell Chaz Bottoms
Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic Annapurna Kumar
The Biggest Wad is Mine Sam Gurry
dizzzydreamer Megan Jedrysiak and Jackson Ammenheuser
Bright Spots Jilli Rose
Unnatural Growth Ali Aschman
A Hug Meng-Hsuan Kuan
A Stones Throw Awa Brian Ratigan
Layers of fear Hsin-Ying Liu
-Winston Aram Sarkisian
Camino De Agua Para Un Pez(Temporary Translation:Path of Water for a Fish) Mercedes Marro
CORP. Pablo Polledri
Darrel Marc Briones & Alan Carabantes
My Life I Don’t Want Nyan Kyal Say
Second to None Vincent Gallagpher
Virtual Actors in Chinese Opera Tobias Gremmler
Mikveh Adrian Garcia Gomez
Drifting Away Cyprien Clement-Delmas
Three Films for Music Box Christopher Spurgin
Information Jungle Hugh Stant
And When Alone, Repeat Becka Barker
Fledgling Juliette Rogasik
Little Thing Or Kantor
The Sexual Practice of Trees Joshua Tuthill
Wet House Jenna Caravello

Lingua Absentia

Amy Lockhart

Jeremy Bessoff and Kate Raney




161381_01 161382_01 164199_01 165638_01 170058_01 197715_01 197716_01 197717_01 197947_01 198654_01 A HUG截圖 adjustedpinkladywalk0003_200dpi AStonesThrowAway-NonFilms-Poster BBarker_AndWhenAloneRepeat_still2 BEAF_blck01_0829 BEAF_Filmsposter_01 BEAF_Filmsposter_02 BEAF_Poster_Large Bright_Spots_03
dizzzyDreamerStillB fledgling_screenshot GARCIA_GOMEZ_Mikveh _1 300dpi Gurry_TheBiggestWad_72DPI3 image1 info jung screenshot JoshuaDeanTuthill-thesecxualpracticeoftrees Lingua Mouth Int Little Thing_Film Stills 02 MCMFP4 Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.36.10 PM Screen Shot Three Films Unnatural_Growth_still_1 Wet House jenna caravello frame still

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2016關渡國際動畫節 KDIAF


Kuan-Du International Animation Festival is coming soon~


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過去與未來 Now and Then

上圖:留守工作站走廊的小燈   下圖:晒書時間

過去這兩年來,由於圓圓圈 的主要工作關係,精神都放在國中校內的藝術教育與班級經營當中。自從2014年台北-芝加哥兩地遠距離策劃的奶油手肘動畫影展差一點點就要開天窗之後,圓圓圈 決定要先暫緩這樣兩邊無法兼顧的合作活動。



圓圓圈工作站 明年的重頭戲就是這個了,希望各位能夠來支持、捧場!也祝福各位2016年美滿愉快!

In the past two years, because SSS’s main occupation mostly focused on art education and classroom management, also the Taipei-Chicago Butter Elbow Animation Festival almost couldn’t make it through because of the difficult international coordination, SSS had decided to stay focused on ONE SIDE for a bit.

Now, since the teaching agenda will shortly take a break within a year, SSS has stated to make plans for 2017!

The first big project will of course be the biannual Butter Elbow Animation Festival, which was supposed to happen this year in 2016. Laura and SSS has started to make plans for this 4th B.E.A.F. international collaboration. This time, we plan to not just coordinate an international screening, we also wish to run a children animation workshop, and plan for a Taipei screening as well.

Stubborn Stone Station hope to have your support, and wish you a wonderful 2016!

SSS 圓圓圈

Taipei, 10/02/2016



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Stubborn Stone Productions in Taipei!

Dear All,

Stubborn Stone Productions have taken a nice summer vacation traveling from Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Siena, Grosseto. Now we have finally settled down in in our new site: Taipei, Taiwan.

Right at this moment, our studio is continuing on the animation project, Grandma, Toilet, and Fish (working title) with the Chicago based musician, Wes Alexander. Also, accompanied by the arrival of Fall and waving goodbye to our wonderful summer 2012, our artist in residence is branching out to more projects collaborating with artists around the world.

At the same time, we are anticipating our 3rd biannual Butter Elbow Animation Festival in 2014; this time we might be holding our shows in both Chicago and New York!  (Lets all cross our fingers and hope this will happen! )

Wish everyone had a wonderful summer 2012. Lets all look forward to a beautiful Fall 2012~


Stubborn Stone Productions

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The Dao of Yi Dong, Yi Jin/ One act of movement, one act of stillness

While I was trying to make a fly get out of our dining room,
I realized a Dao-Li:

The Dao of Yi Don, Yi Jin/ one act of movement, one act of stillness. The way I enjoy my relationships with friends, family, and perhaps lovers.

The fun of me dancing around, waving a tiny little envelope, trying and not really trying to get that fly out of our bread, donuts, Chinese medicine on the table, while my mom staring at me in confusion saying what the heck are you doing?

then she joined me waving my dad’s shirt in the air, not even knowing whether if the fly was still around….

I guess sometimes that is the way how a lot of things work. Setting up an exhibition, choreograph a dance piece, editing a film….etc. Once again, I understand they are about making balance, about finding things within, about a reflection of a reflection.

May Stubborn Stone be the stone that has the grace of stillness, and the characteristic of active madness.


Stubborn Stone Productions

La Mirada, California

May 30th, 2012

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B.E.A.F. Program Schedule! Fresh, new, and Hot! Save the Date!

Designed by Susan Sarandon

2nd Butter Elbow Animation Festival
is coming!

May 12th, Saturday 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

@ Southside Hub of Productions (SHOP), Hyde Park, Chicago

5638 S. Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60615

After Party from 7:00 pm – 9:00pm, with our special guest musicians: The Pork Chop Express! (

Admissions are free with suggested donations to the SHoP based on your level of enjoyment!

Program 1   2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Opening Film: The Jennings Account by Sean Buckelew  2012
The Pillow’s Green by Jenna Caravello 2011
Le Fobie del Guardrail (Phobias of Guard Rail) by Marco Capellacci 2012
Ballerina Man by Danielle Albert 2011
Tea by Lihan Zhang 2012
the 8th of April by Maggie Gallagher 2011
Day of the Dead by Evelin Garza Luna 2011
Half by Jason Ho 2005
Between 12:00 by Jerry Huang 2011
Cetus, Prt. 1 by Ryan W. Bock 2012

Program 2   3:30 pm –  4:30 pm

Departure by Lantian Xie 2010
The Stony Light Break by Emilie Crewe 2012
Long Vocation by Vicky Yen 2011
The Stamp by Zoy Chen 2011
It’s Hard to Wreck a Nice Beach/ It’s Hard to Recognize Speech by Adebukola Bodunrin 2007
Ganada by Tatsu Aoki 2012
Even Gray Feels Blue by Negin Sharifzadeh 2012
Noise Meets Moving Image by Daehyuk Yun 2011
Unwearable Functional Garment III by Heejoo Gwen Kim 2012
Animae Nocte by Nicholas Tuinstra 2012
Squid City by William Bacarella 2012

Program 3   6:00 pm –  7:00 pm

Put It On by Joseph E. Merideth 2012
Henrick by Yoonah Nam 2011
The Collagist by Amy Lockhart 2009
Sudden Cycles # 5, # 13. # 15 by Matt Marsden    2005, 2010, 2012
Topo Glassato al Cioccolato(Frosted Chocolate Mouse) by Donato Sansone aka Milkyeyes   2011
Predator!!!  by Jilli Rose  2012
Emergence by Pablo Lorenzana 2012
Closing Film: Howlin Creek  by Simon Allen & Sean Hernandez 2012

–  With an animated cycle piece, Untitled by Angela Bryant and Young Cho installed at the SHOP.

Special thanks to our guest artist, Susan Sarandon who designed and screen printed our poster!
please visit for more information of Susan Sarandon’s art work!

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Chicago’s Second Butter Elbow Animation Festival poster!

Dear All,

Take a look of our B.E.A.F. poster by our guest artist and animator Susan Sarandon!!!

Designed by Susan Sarandon

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Thank you for the submission to the 2nd Butter Elbow Animation Festival!

Dear All,

Thank you all for submitting to the 2nd Butter Elbow Animation Festival!                          Our program schedule will be posted on our website soon!

Don’t forget to mark the date for the screening:                                                           May 12, Saturday                                                                                                                    2 –  8 pm

at Southside Hub of Productions (SHoP)                                                                       5638 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637


Stubborn Stone Productions




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Growing Tree

One should be growing from roots to steady trunk

Then you can spread the strength into branches and reach out wide

Later the flowers grow, fall, and fly where the wind takes them

Someone said one should stay true and be who you are

But this who you are can be a multiple different “self”

Although one can be multiple different “self”

The importance of hold on to one at a time and grow steadily from the root

Can determine how wide the branches are going to reach out to the sky

and how far the little flowers going to travel in the wind

Someone says “Be who you are.” Someone says “Be who you want to be.”

I say these ideas are like roots and branches of a tree

They all are feeding the body with nutrition

One side from within

One side from the world out there

Which one is which? Don’t roots and branches look alike?

Overall, they are all from this tree. This healthy, steady tree.



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